Thursday, May 18, 2006

Booked a $320 win last night. The confidence is starting to return, though it's a bit nerve-wracking to have an all-in called by a cally-wally on a board of J-T-2-9 when all you have is an overpair. My $320 win couldn't hold a candle to SoxLover, who turned $300 into over $1,000 in an hour and ten minutes by catching every single draw he flopped and getting paid on all of them. Must be nice.

At least my singing at the poker table annoyed him. Have I mentioned how much I like to sing at the poker table? Only about a dozen times, I think -- but I've never mentioned how annoying most other people find it. The implied tilt odds are through the roof.

Karaoker, kids. It's the sport of the future. [Note: Karaoker has not been endorsed by Don "the Dragon" Wilson.]



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